The Boston Doula Project

Happy doulas after a training

Happy doulas after a training

Traditionally, doulas support the experience of labor and childbirth both physically and emotionally.  We at Boston Doula Project expand on that model of care to support the full, nuanced life of reproductive experience, especially abortion and pregnancy loss.

We work in clinics and in homes to hold up those experiencing abortion.  We are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, an ear to listen, a pair of hands to help out. We are witness to reproductive experiences, and we are warmth and connection in a world that can be cold and silent around abortion.

The Boston Doula Project is built on a foundation of Reproductive Justice.  We have a strong ethic of inclusion, offering free support to all who need it, celebrating differences of race, language, culture, sexuality, and gender identity, and recognizing the power of intersecting oppressions to shape reproductive experience.

We are as interested in breaking down the broader stigma around abortion as we are in supporting each individual. We want to create a greater culture of compassion in our community.


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